Solar LED Street Light (Wall Type)

    Solar LED Street Light (Wall Type)

    Product Description

    Type Solar Light
    Model YT-09 (200w)
    YT-12 (300w)
    Power 200w , 300w
    Lumen 20000lm (200w)
    30000lm (300w)
    Solar Panel 6V/25w (200w)
    6V/30w (300w)
    Battery 3.2v 20000mAh (200w)
    3.2V 30000mAh (300w)
    Color Temperature 6000k
    LED Quantity 666pcs (200w)
    888pcs (300w)
    Light Source SMD LED
    Beam Angle 180˚
    Working Hours 10-12 Hours (Full Charged)
    Charging Time 6-8 Hours (Under Sunlight)
    Index Protection (IP) IP67
    Material Of Light ABS
    Material Of Wall Pipe Steel 
    Carton 4pcs

    Model A B
    YT-09 200w 360mm 530mm
    YT-12 300w 360mm 610mm

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