AR610 Black

    AR610 Black

    AR111 Fixtures

    This Fixture can fit PAR30 Bulb, just only install a cone casing on the back of fixure. 
    Cone casing link:

    The Fixture also have Whole White Color:

    We suggest the fixtures install with our brand of the LED AR111 Bulb:

    Product Description

    Type Fixture
    Model AR6101-1H (Single Head)
    AR6102-2H (Double Head)
    Casing Material Steel
    Cut Hole (W)155mm x (L)155mm - AR6101-1H
    (W)310mm x (L)155mm - AR6101-2H
    Color Black
    Carton 60pcs - AR6101-1H
    30pcs - AR6102-2H

    Model A B C D
    AR6101-1H 183mm 183mm 155mm 155mm
    AR6102-2H 335mm 183mm 310mm 155mm

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